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Missing Skating
: not really sure, all i kno is if ya feel comfy ridin em then do it ;) My Setup does me. wot does every1 else think?

I went to the skatepark today! :-D <-yeah, BIG smile!! I'm a pretty happy women today, injuries are healed and I'm pumped! Back to where I was when I left off but now I seem to have the falling down part. Either I slide or I ball up and roll it out. Fallings easy nowl! Now I need to work on my balance when I go vertical.

Also, you gave me a great idea. I had some Simms aggressive inline wheels here for when I was thinking of trying inlines. I put them on. Screwed my nuts on backwards, but it worked. The regular way with my narrow trucks didnt leave any threads so I thought I would play safe then sorry. At the park I kinda got why today for the hard wheels. Faster, harder wheels means you go further up the ramp. So now I'm trying 89a. They are pretty skinny so might have to think about wider trucks now, but they spin REALLY well!! I'll test them out on the ramps tomorrow and see if my transitions are easy.

Wow, I'm feelin great today!! I really love the skatepark.
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