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: :
: : Can we kiss and make up now???? ;-()
: pssst! LOL! Well, I dont know what my 12 year old skater boyfriend would say about THAT! I mean he might take his board and smack it across UR face, hehehehe! He does weigh all of 2 digits you know.....but hes one of the best skaters there!!

When is he taking you to meet his parents? That ought to be eventful.

: Yeah, today he showd me his new new high top shoes and his awesome new skateboard, then promised me one of his old ones. So what U got to compete?

I've got some real nice Powell Bones 84A 65 mm. Best wheels I've ever rolled on. Fast yet really grippy.

: I was thinking homemade jumpin skates! Yeah, I want skateboard trucks, narrow/lightweight, with super duper springs, pink of course but not hot pink (let me be the HOT one lol), more of a pastel pink, then the boots just come up above the ankle, not too high but breatheable and solid mesh with metal in places like the FLY boot, white with plastic/metal toe guards and matching pink strips, just 2. Then I can set them at the skatepark which is next to the water park. They got to jump 12 feet up tho! I need to land on the other side of the fence. And since I'm SuprSk8rgrl, they got to be water proof and make me invisible when I put them on if I want so I can jump into the pool to cool off in this freakin 100 degree weather! Got it? So how long will it take?
: *wink-wink!* ;-D

Oh. So you're easy to please, eh?
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