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: : : Can we kiss and make up now???? ;-()
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: : pssst! LOL! Well, I dont know what my 12 year old skater boyfriend would say about THAT! I mean he might take his board and smack it across UR face, hehehehe! He does weigh all of 2 digits you know.....but hes one of the best skaters there!!
: When is he taking you to meet his parents? That ought to be eventful.
: :
: : Yeah, today he showd me his new new high top shoes and his awesome new skateboard, then promised me one of his old ones. So what U got to compete?
: I've got some real nice Powell Bones 84A 65 mm. Best wheels I've ever rolled on. Fast yet really grippy.
Oh, SWEET! I want some!!
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: : I was thinking homemade jumpin skates! Yeah, I want skateboard trucks, narrow/lightweight, with super duper springs, pink of course but not hot pink (let me be the HOT one lol), more of a pastel pink, then the boots just come up above the ankle, not too high but breatheable and solid mesh with metal in places like the FLY boot, white with plastic/metal toe guards and matching pink strips, just 2. Then I can set them at the skatepark which is next to the water park. They got to jump 12 feet up tho! I need to land on the other side of the fence. And since I'm SuprSk8rgrl, they got to be water proof and make me invisible when I put them on if I want so I can jump into the pool to cool off in this freakin 100 degree weather! Got it? So how long will it take?
: : *wink-wink!* ;-D
: :
: Oh. So you're easy to please, eh?

Easy to please, yes, easy to impress, HECK NO!

So no super skates huh? Darn! Even Lisa fixed mine up good. She even put in some extra special cushions for me and gave it wings. I was touched! Yeah, I'm the fastest one on girls on quads that I know of I bet! :-D

Well, if you cant give me super jumpin skates, you still got to impress the heck out of me first.

How about skating up a ramp, least 6 feet high, then you jump in the transition, land on ONE foot and go down into shoot the duck position. No using 2 feet when squatting down! That would disqualify you lol.

THEN, you've got to go halfway up or more on an 8 foot ramp, during transition put your right hand palm facing the coping, flat on the ramp. Spin your body around on that one handstand position doing a 360 around and land on both skates with your feet underneath you. This isnt on the coping but on the actual ramp! Can you do this? Got to post videos of it too, lol, then I'll kiss your skates too! ;-D
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