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Missing Skating
: Bernhard: This site was where i learnt how to make my skates. I just cant believe i didnt join the forum earlier. very friendly atmosphere. i myself dont conform lol, jus annoys me when im tryin to enjoy skatin and ive got ppl hasslin me askin why im not ridin inline.
: But as u say, its all about the fun, And ya cant carve wi inlines like ya can on skates. Keep it up man, your skatin is awesome, jus wish i could do side stance. Can only hold it for a bit, then i have to switch back to parallel.
: Claudia: If you've ever seen the film roll bounce, theres a bit in it where he goes 'if ya dont fall, how will ya learn to pick yaself back up again'. I personally practised slidin onto my kneepads before i started ramp ridin. better to fall on ya kneepads than crack ya tailbone, lol. as Bernhard says lput more weiht on ya front. My setup is bauer impact hockey boots with wooden plates made out of an old skateboard, aluminium tucks off 2 micro skateboards, and a pair of rollerblade wheels that ive worn the edges flat. theyre 97 hardness. I used to use lower but had higher traction and less speed. but u wanna start low and build up, as once ya balance is better ya dont really need the traction of the wheel. gotta learn to walk b4 ya run lol.
: Cant wait to see sum vids of u in action.

Yeah, got to lean forward more, thats for sure! Not sure why I do that lol. But I have this fear of smashing my face I guess. I'll get it!! I'm going next week although I might go tomorrow lol. I'm dying to go back to the skatepark now. I really want to try out my skates. The kryptos were great but they were miserable on the ramps. Very sticky. I might stick around 85a until I can do jumps and all and stick them pretty well. I really want to get some air one day soon!

I dont have a video camera. Might ask for one this Christmas. But I'm sure they would be humorous cause even when I suck, I fall laughing and find myself rather humorous!!

I tried to do side stance also but didnt do so good. At the rink I'm the best at it. I can side surf by rocking my hips all the way around the rink and noone else can. I'm super flexible. But I guess I need wider trucks for that. Plus I would think I would look like a frog, lol, especially since I already do somewhat since I'm on the skinny side with long legs for a female. But I want a camera cause if I could see myself, the light bulb would go off what I'm doing wrong.
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