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: : You'll laugh, for my bunnies I'm making a cardboard skatepark! My bunny Oliver was the one who first gave me the idea of skating. They have a 6 x 9 foot play area. He would take some leaps then slide into the other side of the cage. It just looked like too much fun. So now I'm having MORE fun and I feel sorry for them. So hopefully I can teach my bunnies to skate!
: Keep us updated on the skating progress of your bunnies. I can hardly imagine a skating bunny, but who knows? At least there is a skating bulldog!

Thats too funny! Well, I'll put up the ramp soon and see what happens. Oliver likes to play big and bad, but shhhhhh, hes actually a wimp lol. Just Sandy (his companion) likes to keep him thinking hes the boss cause it strokes his ego and then she gets lot of kisses back lol. When she decks him (she can!), he wont give her any attention.

Well, if I were to walk him on my rollerskates, guess we would BOTH need helmets! :-D Now that would really be funny!
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