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claudine (videos by claudine) (pictures by claudine)
: You have also all kinds of grindings with quads!!!! at the last gathering in Lyon, Nelo showed us many many kinds!!!!

Even on the narrow ramp trucks, I can still do them? I sure hope so! After today, I've decided its quads all the way.

But I've decided to wait a bit on the trucks until I master all the basics. Still checking out wheel poss. but the ramps I ride are this rubber material, its kinda slipery so theres no rush.

But I really have to thank you for the videos tho! UR videos and Irenes advice really hit me today. I can pump the ramps and do transitions now! WOO-HOO! Yeah, got 2/3rds up, back and forth, back and forth, and I've never been so excited!!!! Finally! I had to lean back more going up to vert and pump my body like I was going to jump, swung my arms up the around on the transitions. Not vertical yet, but it almost gets there at the top. The ramp I'm on is tight and the slope transition is quick since its not a huge ramp. Think this might be harder in a sense since you have to react quicker to the changes. But I finally can see myself up there! No rush, dont want to hurt myself. It really takes it out of you pumpin tho. After 15 mins, my body was shot and I started to get lazy on the transitions, my wheels strated to stick some from stallin, and I started to fall backwards. I'm fine but think I should limit this to when I'm fresh until I get in better shape.

Oh man, I've been bouncing up and down still super high all evening! :-D The skateboarders thought I was the coolest girl around too. No other girl can pump the ramps at my park. OK, there are only 2 others but I'm the only regular! Life is GREAT! OK, now just need to get higher.......faster, better, cooler, lol. :-D Cant wait til tomorrow! I hope its not 100 degrees again.
:-O I was sweatin buckets today! The ramp felt like a skillet lol.

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