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: Is the foam rubber like that stuff they use to put workout equipment on?

I'm not sure about that. I went to rubber specialty shop here in Germany and asked for "Moosgummi" (the dictionary translated this to "rubber foam"). They showed me their offering and I selected some stuff which reminded me of the padding in knee pads with respect to its elasticity and damping properties. I've always been happy with this stuff.

An even better tip is not to fall on your butt. How to achieve this? Simple: Put your weight more in front. Bend your knees and lean forward, not backward.

: I really LOVE skating!!

That's the attitude!

: But I"m glad I found this forum. Hopefully I can learn a lot.

How did you find this place? BTW, it has to offer quite a bit more than just the forum. There are some How-To-s regarding building your own roller skates, there are some reports, some interviews and resource links and the forum has an image bowser and a video browser where you can browse the images and videos posted to the forum.
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