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RollerSkater Dave (videos by RollerSkater Dave) (pictures by RollerSkater Dave)

: Well, if you cant give me super jumpin skates, you still got to impress the heck out of me first.
: How about skating up a ramp, least 6 feet high, then you jump in the transition, land on ONE foot and go down into shoot the duck position. No using 2 feet when squatting down! That would disqualify you lol.

Sorry sweetie. 48 year old knees don't do shoot the ducks anymore.

: THEN, you've got to go halfway up or more on an 8 foot ramp, during transition put your right hand palm facing the coping, flat on the ramp. Spin your body around on that one handstand position doing a 360 around and land on both skates with your feet underneath you. This isnt on the coping but on the actual ramp! Can you do this? Got to post videos of it too, lol, then I'll kiss your skates too! ;-D

You would be kissing more than my skates, sunshine. ;-)
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