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your kids?
: "I noticed your boys are on a skateboard and inlines. Is this because they arent big enough for quads with wide trucks or was it their choice?"
: It is their choise, and it's also easier to find cheap/lite inlines that you can adjust in length to their growing feet.
: But my oldest son still prefer quads for long distances (he's 13 years old and have now is own quads. I must confess he learned at 3 with fisherprice/worn kryptonics)
: "Just because right now I'm wondering if the narrow ramp trucks wouldnt be wide enough to do some of the tricks. "
: Lisa narrow 3" trucks should be fine for you, with about 60mm wheels. Using centered cores( or not centered) wheels (and wide or not) enables you to tune the final real width of your setup.

I was looking at aggressive inlines, and you are right, they are much cheapier, etc. But after thinking about it, even if the wide trucks dont work out for me, I really prefer the ramps, airs, stalls and grabs the most rather then grinding. So I'll stick with my quads.

Well, I will give the narrow ramp trucks a try eventually to see if they are more stable and then think about wheels. I might try art wheels but dont know if that would work on asphalt.

Thanks! You were quite helpful. :-D
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