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my skates
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: : : : *yeah, no rules in my apartment about wearing skates in the house lol!*
: : :
: : : And hopefully no problems with the other inhabitants neither!
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: : Oh, no problem here. :-D My inhabitants LOVE me! I have 6 rescued/adopted bunnies/guinea pigs and as long as I bring home lots of good food, give them lots of attention and let them play hard, they are pretty darn happy. We are all pretty easy to please that way.
: Sound's like a lively household! I don't have any animals at home since I am away from home far too long. But I love those critters!

You'll laugh, for my bunnies I'm making a cardboard skatepark! My bunny Oliver was the one who first gave me the idea of skating. They have a 6 x 9 foot play area. He would take some leaps then slide into the other side of the cage. It just looked like too much fun. So now I'm having MORE fun and I feel sorry for them. So hopefully I can teach my bunnies to skate!
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